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From: J L
Subject: Accidentals
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 18:34:15 +1300


Maybe LilyPond needs a rewrite of the accidental handling, so that the current behaviour is made optional, and the usual way (from all the prints I generally use, which are about the early 1900's) the default.

The current behaviour of making a note natural before adding a sharp or flat in some cases, and also totally cancelling all the sharps or flats before adding one more or less, is quite rare. In fact, it just seems
to possibly easier to code.

By the way, telling LilyPond to use \set Staff.printextranatural = ##f only 'hides' the natural. This means that LilyPond still calculates and allocates space for the natural, just not printing it.


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