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Unexpected extra measure at end

From: Arjan Bos
Subject: Unexpected extra measure at end
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 08:22:18 +0100

Dear list,

When creating a score for the choir I'm in, I found out that Lilypond generates an extra measure at the end when the lyrics are defined within the voice. When they are just outside the closing `}' of the voice, the resulting pdf looks the same, except the empty bar at the end has gone.
Is this a bug?

This is the (almost) smallest example I could come up with that still has the problem.

%% -- sniplet begins here
\version "2.4.2"

tenMusic = \notemode  { \relative c' { c4 c c c } }
tenText  = \lyricmode { E -- tra bar. Why? }

\score {
  \context ChoirStaff {
      \context Staff = "ten" {
        \context Voice = "tenors" { \tenMusic }
        %% When put here, the lyrics generate an extra measure at the
        %% end. If they are outside the Voice brackets, it doesn't.
        \context Lyrics = tenorsA { s1 }
      \context Lyrics = tenorsA \lyricsto tenors { \tenText  }

%% --- sniplet ends here



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