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Re: Install Problems on Mac

From: Christian Hitz
Subject: Re: Install Problems on Mac
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 21:27:39 +0100

Hi Chuck,

Am 01.02.2005 um 18:34 schrieb Chuck Boody:
1) The Apple website says this about things included in X11: "XFree86 4.3 — Includes latest enhancements from the Open Source community."
Did you install the "X11 for Mac OS X SDK" package too? It's an option when installing the Developer Tools (XCode)

2) My error message still says: "Failed: Can't resolve dependency "gcc3.1" for package "xfree86-4.4.0-14" (no matching packages/versions found)"
Fink asumes that it has to install a xfree86 system, and apparently this package requires gcc3.1. Fink should ask you which version of xfree86 it should install. Do not use the default but select "system-xfree86" which then uses Apple's X11.

Equally mysterious is the fact that my system is NOT using the tsch shell even though OS 10.3.x is supposed to be using it.
As of 10.3 MacOSX uses bash as default shell. (10.0 - 10.2.x used tcsh)


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