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Re: Install Problems on Mac

From: Christian Hitz
Subject: Re: Install Problems on Mac
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 22:09:49 +0100

Am 01.02.2005 um 21:51 schrieb Chuck Boody:
Am 01.02.2005 um 18:34 schrieb Chuck Boody:
1) The Apple website says this about things included in X11: "XFree86 4.3 — Includes latest enhancements from the Open Source community."
Did you install the "X11 for Mac OS X SDK" package too? It's an option when installing the Developer Tools (XCode)

No. I don't have the Developer Tools disk (a long story) and am trying to get one. I'll certainly do that if I can.
You can download the Developer Tools from Apple [1] (free registration required).

2) My error message still says: "Failed: Can't resolve dependency "gcc3.1" for package "xfree86-4.4.0-14" (no matching packages/versions found)"
Fink asumes that it has to install a xfree86 system, and apparently this package requires gcc3.1. Fink should ask you which version of xfree86 it should install. Do not use the default but select "system-xfree86" which then uses Apple's X11.

Fink gives me a couple of options, but I didn't see system-xfree86 as an option. The options I see are " xfree86: Free X11 implementation for Darwin and Mac OS X" and "xorg: Free X11 implementation for Darwin and Mac OS X" and no others.
If you have Apple's X11 installed, fink should show you the system-xfree86 choice. [2].
Have you run "fink selfupdate" to get the newest fink distribution?



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