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can't open cygwin on XP (lily 2.4)

From: Jean-marc LEGRAND
Subject: can't open cygwin on XP (lily 2.4)
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 17:01:36 +0100

I've suppressed my cygwin version and downloaded the cygwin version from cygwin 
official site.
All is perfect.

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                                               Objet :   can't open cygwin on 
XP (lily 2.4)

Hi list !

I've just installed lily 2.4 on XP with Cygwin.

The fact is that I can't compile the :  XP asks me which application I 
want to use for it.
And when I try to open cygwin window to use commands, the window appears 
briefly ans disappear. Same
thing when I want to use convert-ly.

I can't remember how I manage with lily 2.2, so can anyone help me ?


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