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Re: Problem installing on WinXP.

From: Christ van Willegen
Subject: Re: Problem installing on WinXP.
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2005 13:11:37 +0100

Hello Ruud, list,

I've discussed XP installation problems with Ruud off-list, and wanted
to share my findings.

This is what I did:
- I installed a clean version of Windows XP.
- I ran the latest setup.exe from
- Selected a 'random' server close to me (, IIRC)
- I opened the Publishing package, and I clicked Lilypond (it showed
'skip' to start with).

The first version shown was 2.4.2-1. ANother click showed version 2.2.
Apparently, some packaging bugs have been fixed.

Also, other packages in the list were selected (I didn't pay attention
to which ones, I 'just' needed to check a correct installation

Then, Setup downloaded a few updates packages from the Net (most of
the packages were already up-to-date in my installation folder), and
started installing Cygwin. Lilypond was correctly installed as well.

When running Lilypond, it complained about 2 fonts not being
available, but that was about it. It did give me the output I

So, unfortunately, I can't be of much assistence in the Windows XP
corner, since no problems can be reproduced.

Does re-downloading the latest Setup.exe, and re-running it (and
checking Lilypond's version while you do that) help?

Christ van Willegen

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