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Re: notation for pitch bends and drops

From: Chip
Subject: Re: notation for pitch bends and drops
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 19:11:14 -0800
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address@hidden wrote:

I took a look, and I can do this for EUR 120 (or USD 150).

That would include

* A general script tunable to create for drop/fall/doit

(including canned input identifiers)

* Metafont scripts for standard bend, bend before and turn

* A curved glissando line

* Documentation and example file.

All this will be done on the 2.5 branch. If you want a backport to
2.4, that would cost an additional EUR 20 (USD 25). 2.6 will be
released in one to two months, hopefully.

Of course, you're welcome to garner some fellow sponsor to keep the
cost per person down.



I'd be willing to help out with the costs - I could easily do $50 towards this if others are willing to help as well. I have seen many posts asking for these articulations, myself included, and it seems there is more than enough interest to get these articulations into the feta fontset. Do you have a paypal account I can send the money to?

Gee, I don't know... that seems a bit steep. I'm only a student, and
so my finances are not unlimited... note I can get Finale academic
edition for $300, Sibelius academic edition for $215.

I suppose the "features are being held up until someone pays for it"
model will mean a slower rate of development for Lilypond...

I suppose I will just use my school's computers and work with Finale
on those. I can always draw in the articulations by hand after I print
out the score from Lilypond anyway.


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