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Piano Centered Dynamics

From: Tim Hucker
Subject: Piano Centered Dynamics
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 13:17:02 -0000

I'm engraving a piece using Lilypond 2.4.2 under XP using the template in
the 2.4 manual
"3.3.4 Piano centered dynamics" on p32.

I would also like to align non-dynamic instructions (e.g. rallentando, a
tempo, perdendosi) between the staves but cannot for the life of me work out
if is it possible to use the dynamics context for non-dynamic instructions.
If so how do I do it?
If not how do I change it so that I can?
If I can't change it, what's the best way of aligning both sets of

If anyone has had this problem before and can suggest a solution I'd be very
grateful for help & advice.



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