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Re: beginner tutorial to install lily on mac

From: Libero Mureddu
Subject: Re: beginner tutorial to install lily on mac
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 21:15:31 +0200

Il giorno 09/feb/05, alle 17:20, Jan Nieuwenhuizen ha scritto:

Libero Mureddu writes:


I've decided to write a tutorial that explains how to install lilypond
on a mac, having in mind someone that doesn't know nothing about
linux, free software, use of the terminal ecc.

That's great.

If it is useful, I can complete it with some screenshot, too.
It's just a draft, so it contains many mistakes.

It could be very useful if we could use it to replace

However, in its current form it is way too long.  The plain
instruction, with screenshot, should not have so many details that it
is scary.  If those are necessary, they could be on a new html page.

Ok, I'll work in the next days to a shorter version to replace the macos page, but I think that a longer and more detailed version (corrected and cleaned and a bit shorter!) could be useful, in another page, because that would make easier to write the editor (vim, emacs etc.) page. Ex. I don't have to repeat how to download emacs with fink, don't have to repeat why editing a configuration file, how to use the terminal etc.
What do you think?



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