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Error: cant fit 'ecrm10.pfa'

From: Anton Woldhek
Subject: Error: cant fit 'ecrm10.pfa'
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 10:19:22 +0100

Hello list,

Here I am again, cygwin and lilypond installed fine and as expected on my
laptop. But on my workstation, basically the same (win2k) when running a
basic score, I get: Interpreting music... Error: can't find `ecrm10.pfa'
Install the ec-mftraced package from
I don't see a windows compiled version of it there, but I also don't see why
I would need it since I didn't need to install that when I was on my laptop.
I tried removing cygwin and just starting from the top again (twice). (also
removed all registry refferences to cygwin). This didn't yield results. I
did find a post about this error on the list, but it was on a different
platform, and I didn't find solution.


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