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Re: quarter note triplets just don't want to behave properly

From: Chip
Subject: Re: quarter note triplets just don't want to behave properly
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 18:12:53 -0800
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Steve D wrote:
Chip wrote:

I am having a heck of a time with quarter note triplets. 1/8th note triplets work fine. Here is the code I am using -
\times 2/3 {r4 cs'[ cs] cs[ c b]}


What am I doing wrong with the 1/4 note triplets?

--- ---

I'm just a beginner with LilyPond, but it looks like you are trying to beam quarter notes (with the square brackets []). That would make them eighth notes, which is not correct and gives an error when the music expression is interpreted, right?

Three quarter notes in the space of two are still notated as quarter notes. There would have to be 5 or more notes in the place of two quarter notes for them to be notated as eighth notes, right?

Of course, I was thinking of the brackets as grouping the notes, not beaming them. Anyway, when I remove the brackets, the resulting music is printed with the -3- undernote-grouper-thing showing the notes grouped as [1/4rest-1/4note](with a number 3under the group) then a single 1/4note (with a #3 under it) then [1/4rest-1/4note](with a #3 under those two notes) then a single 1/4note(with a #3 under it). They should of course be grouped [1/4rest-1/4note-1/4note] [1/4note-1/4note-1/4note]
Here is a link to what is looks like -

Best wishes,

Steve D, NM US

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