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first small LilyPond score

From: Steve D
Subject: first small LilyPond score
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 19:44:50 -0700
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I finished my first small score today (a four-page piano piece). LilyPond is a great program. This has been an interesting and challenging learning experience. The last two bars of the piece took almost as long as the entire rest of the work, but I finally figured out one way to solve the problem I mentioned recently: placing ties from a fully notated, written-out arpeggio to a following chord.

Thank you Maurizio Tomasi for pointing me to:

The score, in .PDF format, is here if anyone has any curiosity about it:

(It's a piece I wrote way back in my early 20s that I chose because I thought it would be fairly simple to notate (except for those problematic final two bars!))

-Steve D, NM US

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