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Incorrect stacking of marks

From: Steve Dickinson
Subject: Incorrect stacking of marks
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 14:14:46 -0700
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When using Lilypond version 2.4.3, I've noticed that when there is an
upbow and a staccato mark above a note, Lilypond places the staccato
mark above the upbow mark.  In addition, if there is also a slur
starting on that note, Lilypond places it above both the staccato and
the upbow mark.  Here's the snippet of code in question; is it perhaps
a problem with the order I placed the commands?

\version "2.4.3"

relative c {
    \time 2/4
    \clef bass

    ees8\upbow-.( c-. bes-. aes-.)

In addition, I've noticed that Lilypond can be very schizophrenic
about the placement of accent marks (>) and slurs.  I've noticed that
in long scores, no matter which way I order the commands in the .ly
file, Lilypond seems to randomly alternate between placing the start
of the slur closest to the note and placing the accent mark closest to
the note.  I'm not sure which way is correct, but I'd prefer some

Thanks in advance for insight you can shed.

(- Steve Dickinson -)
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