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Re: Showing Chord Names

From: Walter Hofmeister
Subject: Re: Showing Chord Names
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 20:52:22 -0600
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On 2/22/05 7:49 PM, "Claude Lord" <address@hidden> wrote:

This is a repeat of a question I sent last Sunday.
Could someone show me how to modify the following code so that chord names would appear above the upper staff? I have been unable to find the answer to this in the online documentation.
If my question is not clear, I would appreciate somebody to tell me so that I can try to clarify it.
If my question is too trivial, I would also appreciate knowing about it.

\version "2.4.0"
upper = \relative c' { \clef treble \key c \major  \time 4/4
c1 ~
c4. c8~c d4 e8
e4. d8 d2 ~
d4 r4 a'2
lower = \relative c { \clef bass \key c \major \time 4/4
<g' c e>1 ~
<a c e>1  
<a c d fis>1 ~
<a c d fis>1 ~
text = \lyricmode { Love __ look __ at the two of us }
\score {
       \context GrandStaff <<
           \set PianoStaff.instrument = "Piano  "
        \context Staff = upper {
            \context Voice = singer \upper }
         \lyricsto "singer" \new Lyrics \text
         \context Staff = lower <<
           \clef bass
       \layout {
         \context { \GrandStaff \accepts "Lyrics" }
         \context { \Lyrics \consists "Bar_engraver" }
       \midi { \tempo 4=180 }

    If you go to the section of the manual that contains the Templates, you will find your answer under the Single Staff examples. Apply this to your example and you should get what you want.

Walter Hofmeister

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