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adjusting stem length

From: Jean-marc LEGRAND
Subject: adjusting stem length
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 13:53:01 +0100

Hi list !

Working on XP with lily 2.4.2

I have to adjust the stem length of several notes beamed together.

I've tried :

\once \override Stem #'beamed-lengths = #'(4) a8 [b c d e f]

but it doesn't do anything, whereas

 \override Stem #'beamed-lengths = #'(4) a8 [b c d e f]

is OK.

Is there a way to make sort of a  \override Stem #'beamed-lengths = ##f after 
the notes to go back
to a normal and automatic stem length ?

Another thing is that I don't quite understand the syntax of this  \override 

Thanks for your help !


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