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Re: time signatures and measure grouping

From: Tapio Tuovila
Subject: Re: time signatures and measure grouping
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 19:23:02 +0200
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Mats Bengtsson kirjoitti:
If you follow the link in the online manual from the section on
Time Signature to Measure_grouping_engraver, you will find a
property called beatGrouping. This is actually the relevant
property that is set by the set-time-signature function, but
you can also set it directly yourself.

Thanks a lot, this works just fine!
My best,

Tapio Tuovila wrote:
Hi all,
some questions: -using lilypond-2.4.4 on SuSE-9.2

1) for teaching purposes I'd like measure groupings in the output as shown in site 5.3.5 Time signature. I've got a piece in 7/8 with groupings 2+2+3 and 3+2+2. I can print the groupings using

#(set-time-signature 7 8 '( 2 2 3))
#(set-time-signature 7 8 '( 3 2 2))

but when the grouping changes the output prints also the time signature which does not change.

Is there a way to avoid the unnecessary time signatures?

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