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trillspan issue

From: Chip
Subject: trillspan issue
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 21:56:31 -0800
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I am using lilypond-2.4.2 on windoze for the first time (have 2.2 on my FreeBSD box). I am trying to use startTrillSpan and stopTrillSpan with a skip note of duration 0 to make it stop before the bar line, but that doesn't to work, the trill still continues across the barline and over the first note of the next bar. I have the .pdf and the .ly available here - and Also notice that the one measure with two half-notes and a trill on each note, measure 40, the trills collide becuase of the length.
What am I doing wrong?
If you run the file you should also get an error on line 71 (measure 35) for the voice.TextScript override stuff. It seems to work fine with the error, but what is causing the error?

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