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Part Combine

From: Will Oram
Subject: Part Combine
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 23:29:27 -0500

I don't have lily 2.5.x, x > 0 on this computer yet (but waiting patiently!). One question:

I am an intense user of part combining. The vast majority of the time I would rather have two noteheads appear on one stem rather than two stems pointing in opposite directions. Unfortunately, lily 2.4.2 would rather have the latter case occur. In a work I'm copying for Mutopia, two-stem passages occur very rarely -- maybe 5% of the whole score. lilypond's rendition uses it constantly -- around 80%. Sometimes it's OK, but sometimes it just looks ugly and absurd. Sometimes unison passages get two stems, too, instead of being marked with a2! (Although Erik kindly wrote me to indicate this has been fixed.)

I wish I could isolate this problem into a single piece of code that could be copy-pasted into this message, but alas, it's everywhere, as I said. If anyone wants a copy of the output and then ask for snippets of code from that, I could easily arrange that.

Best of luck with those nasty 2.5.x OS X segfaults,

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