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Re: MacOS X native packaged (was Re: lilypond install mac os x)

From: Libero Mureddu
Subject: Re: MacOS X native packaged (was Re: lilypond install mac os x)
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 11:15:54 +0100

In my impression should be like MacCsound (, Csound is a text environment for electronic music, it runs on a command line, but the version for mac provides a very simple text editor ready for syntax, correction of mistakes and some GUI elements (that lily doesn't need), and the binary is catched inside the "app" package. So, my suggestion is: why don't give a package that contains a VERY simple and light (but useful for lily) text editor and a series of button for the main operations (run lily, start pdf viewer, midi etc). I'm thinking to avoid the problem of downloading a text editor, setting it to lily mode, to be full of instruction a bit cryptical (for the musician).

I've finished a html version of the installation instruction for mac x with the corrections that some users nicely sent to me. It is based on the macos page on the lily website
Let me know if is it ok.


LilyPond on MacOS X


1) Install X11

Install X11 from Panther's third cd or downloading from Apple website:
You will need an Apple ID, see next section.

2) Install Apple XCode

3) Install Fink

Briefly, Fink is a software that allows you to easily install software originally developed on linux environment, to Mac OS X; this software is already modifyied (ported) in order to run on Macintosh.

Fink will install itself and all the software in a new folder alled "sw"If you want to move the /sw folder to another position, check:

If you don't know nothing about linux, terminal etc, two goods starting point are, to understand why lilypond is a free software and what this means, and, to understand how to use the terminal.

4) Fink or FinkCommander

FinkCommander is provided together with Fink, and it is a graphic interface to use Fink.

After you have installed Fink, remember to give, from the terminal, the following commands:

"fink selfupdate" and 
"fink update-all"

or with FinkCommander,

menu "Source -> selfupdate-rsync" and
menu "Source -> Update-all

5) Stable-Unstable tree

To enable unstable tree and use the developers version, with a text editor edit /sw/etc/fink.conf and add "unstable/crypto unstable/main" to the "Trees" line.
You need to open it with administrator privileges. Ex "sudo pico /sw/etc/fink.conf"

>From FinkCommander's preferences -> Fink, you can enable unstable and crypto packages.

6) Install Lilypond

Fink will install also libraries and other software required.
If you need to continue to work it is better that you give the following command: "nice fink install lilypond", the compilation will be done at a lower priority than any other operation.

After the download, starts the compilation stage: at the first installation on lilypond it can takes quite long time it depends on the machine. It can be one hour or more.

At the end of this stage a message within the terminal will inform you
that lilypond has been succesfully installed.

7) First test

In the image, you can see how your preferences should appear.
This is because lilypond need text-only file (usually they are with the extension .txt) but with the .ly extension.
{ c'4 e' g' }

8) How to get help

Help in Lilypond is provided by the lilypond-user mailing list.
In the message, please remember to put which machine you are using, wich is your operative system, and wich version of Lilypond you are using.

To check the version, type in the terminal: "lilypond -v" and press enter.

Home > Download > MacOS X

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