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Re: Noteheads - harmonic

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Noteheads - harmonic
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2005 13:33:07 +0200
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Forwarded to lilypond-devel as a feature request!
This should be an optional feature, since the current
white head is used for harmonics of all note durations
in violin music, for example.


Bernard Hurley wrote:
On Mon, 2005-04-11 at 11:06 +0200, Mats Bengtsson wrote:

I've never seen harmonics notated with black note heads,
could you mention some examples where it's used?


This is actually quite a common way to notate harmonics in Classical
Guitar, together with  a number to indicate which harmonic it is. The
reason is that if the harmonic is part of a chord, you would often have
to notate the music on two staffs if you used the normal notation. For
instance Julian Bream's arrangement of the "Watchman's Song" from
Grieg's "Three Lyric Pieces. Op 12"  has several of these (including
three sequences of seven in a row).


Thomas Scharkowski wrote:
> Hello list,
> I could not find a "black" harmonic notehead for eights and quarter
> notes in the feta font, only "noteheads-0harmonic". Shouldn't it be
> there or did I miss something?
> In the moment I am using "neomensural" with size and stem-offset
> adjustments and it looks o.k., but...
> Thomas

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