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dotted notes

From: Michiel Lange
Subject: dotted notes
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2005 16:42:30 +0200
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Attached a 7-measure example in .ly format to show what I mean ;-)

In the case of multi-voice polyphony on a stave dotted notes get all their dots precisely below each other on a single line. In most cases this looks best, but sometimes it makes a dot 'float' and almost cause a collision with the beam of the next note.

In the documentation I found something to solve it, but frankly, I don't get how it should be solved
This is the link to the documentation I try to understand:

I am using 2.6.3 at this moment on windows, but also on linux. Haven't tried if the output is the same on linux, but I expect nothing else.
The case of the floating dot is seen in measures 1 and 4

There's also a smaller problem with the 8th rest in measure 2 and 6, those should go down as they will be hardly readable on their current spot. I want those rests on the same heigth as the notehead for the 'c' (between the 3rd and 4th line)

Anyone with suggestions how I can solve it?

\version "2.6"


music = \new Voice \relative c'' { 
        \key as \major
        \time 4/4
        << { <ges' aes>2. \sf aes4 (
                aes2 bes4. des8
                es2. ) <f, aes>4 }
        \\ { bes,4. ( es8 aes,4 ) c4
                des4. r8 <aes' des,>4. r8
                <es aes>2. aes,4 }
        << { <ges' aes>2. \sf <f aes>4 } \\ { bes,4. ( es8 aes,4 ) aes4 } >>
        << { <ges' aes>2. \sf aes4 (
                aes2 bes4. f'8
                es2. ) } 
        \\ { bes,8 ( c8 des8 es8 aes,4 ) c4
                des4. r8 g4. r8
                <es aes>2. }
        >> r4


        \layout {}

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