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Re: Markup next to a note:

From: Colin Wilding
Subject: Re: Markup next to a note:
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 16:55:40 +0100

This works for me.  Notes in my previous email about fonts and tweaking apply here too.


\version "2.8.0"
cwpsDef = \markup { \postscript #"
    /CMWFont { /CenturySchL-Roma findfont 7 scalefont setfont } bind def
    /CMWBrace { CMWFont /braceright glyphshow } def
cwpsBrace = \markup { \postscript #"6 -7 moveto CMWBrace" }

music = \relative c' {
    e4 f g a-\cwpsBrace b c d e
\header {
    title = "Title"
    subsubtitle = \cwpsDef

\score {
    \new Staff <<

   \new Voice = "singing" { \music }
   \new Lyrics \lyricsto singing { The first verse here; now both verses join }
   \new Lyrics {
       \lyricsto singing { This is the second; }
\layout { }



On 4/4/06, address@hidden <address@hidden > wrote:

Colin wrote:

"You could use embedded Postscript.  It may take a while to get the hang
of it
(especially if you have not used Postscript before) but it is very
and it is invisible to Lilypond, so you can put objects anywhere and
Lilypond will not move things around to avoid them.  For example, I have
used it to put in a large bracket where two lyric lines merge into one."

Hello, would please you post this example of putting brackets spannig,
two or three lyric lines? I'm really interested in this. I will be
typesetting some scores that the originals have such things, specially
if there is a repeat bar.

Thank you!


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