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Re: Coexisting 2.8 with 2.4

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Coexisting 2.8 with 2.4
Date: Tue, 04 Jul 2006 22:58:10 +0200
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Fairchild wrote:

** Karl -

** Thanks for the response.  See ** below.

**                      - Bruce

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Subject: Re: Coexisting 2.8 with 2.4
The attached pdf shows the 2.4 default font set and cmr10. Doesn't seem to be any ecmr10, at least not with \override TextScript #'font-name = #"ecmr10"

Your problem above is that you cannot refer to the font with "ecmr10". You have them somewhere since lilypond uses them.

** That's what I have thought.  Any idea what the file name is, where it
lives, or how to access it if the default is changed?

The font handling has changed completely in version 2.6 and
newer, so you now have to specify fonts by their name as they
are known to Pango/FontConfig, not by the name of the font
file. The point I tried to make in one of my earlier emails was
that it seems that Pango/FontConfig doesn't recognize any
fonts from MikTeX, for example (in Windows) and even though
the question has popped up a number of times on the mailing
list, nobody has provided any solution. So, don't spend
too much time on figuring out exactly what TeX font you want,
unless you know how to configure Pango/FontConfig to access

Use the link provided earlier to get the corresponding type1 fonts.

** I'm font-challenged.  Other than the links you have provided, can you
recommend an educational source?
Just as most other people on the list, I don't have access to
an installation of LilyPond 2.4 anymore and I have forgot many
of the details. However, I remember that Han-Wen had made
his own Type1 version of the ecrm fonts (available in the
ec-fonts-mftraced package). The mapping from font properties
to the name of the font file was done in the file scm/font.scm.



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