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RE: WinXP question

From: Kress, Stephen
Subject: RE: WinXP question
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2006 19:25:23 -0500

Really?  That's pretty strange that stdout won't show up on a Windows console but can get captured by a redirect...  I would not have thought that possible.  I hope this gets fixed soon; I'd like to keep up wirh the latest stable release but I'd like to see what I'm doing too.

Thanks for the quick replies.

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To: Rick Hansen (aka RickH)
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Subject: Re: WinXP question

for a bug report I sent about the problem. As Rick says, the program
still runs but it works the same when you call it from the command line
as when you double-click on a .ly file or drag a file to the LilyPond
icon, namely that the progress is saved in a .log file instead of
being printed to the command window. To see the output of lilypond
-version, you can do lilypond -version > output.txt
more output.txt


Quoting "Rick Hansen (aka RickH)" <address@hidden>:

> I recently upgraded to 2.8.5 on WinXP but I did an uninstall of the old
> version first (2.8.0).  No problems so far, 2.8.5 seems to run a little
> faster too.
> Kress, Stephen-2 wrote:
>> I had been using 2.8.1 of LP and decided to upgrade.  The latest is
>> 2.8.5-1.  When I installed it on Windows XP SP2, the lilypond.exe now acts
>> like it's empty.  It runs but ends immediately.  "lilypond -version"
>> prints nothing.  "lilypond" prints nothing (not even an error when
>> doesn't exist).  This is also true of 2.8.4-1.  It looks liek
>> 2.8.3-1 is working.
>> Any idea what might be going on?  I would have expected at least for
>> "-version" to do something.
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