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Re: LilyPondTool MacOSX help

From: Sean Reed
Subject: Re: LilyPondTool MacOSX help
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 14:31:29 +0200

Hi Bert,

Thanks for the trouble.
Using Jo's help, I've got it up and running.
Still looking forward to the new release!

Thanks for the work!


Sean Reed
Hamburg, Germany

Well, the Console plugin's maintainers has changed the plugin in an incompatible way. Now I can see that I have to make a release for the newer version. Until then, you could try to run the lilypond- related commands outside LilyPondTool, maybe using the Console plugin by itself.

Next week I'll going to make a release of LilyPondTool's latest version.


Sean Reed írta:
Hi Bertalan,

I used LilyPondTool exclusively for all my scores with enormous satisfaction until April of 2005 on Mac OSX.

I recently updated the tool, but it no longer works. Things appear to have changed.
Maybe you could help me out a bit.

I've downloaded the plugin in jEdit4.2 and all of the associate plugins.
In the plugin options, I put in the bash shell path as /bin/bash.
However, the options seem quite Windows-based, since there is a choice for "native" or "cygwin", and since the PDF viewer is listed with an .exe (when I try to choose the, I have to go all the way into the contents of the application to find the unix binary).

The menu bar appears, just like it used to.

When I try to compile the score, I get the following error:
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: console.Console.setShell(Ljava/lang/ String;)V
with a whole long list of sub-errors.

Recently, another user wrote to the list asking about something similar. He replaced the new version of the Console with an older one, but still received this error:
AWT-EventQueue-0: convert-ly: not found
I experienced the same problem.

Any clues on what to do to get it running again?
LilyPondTool was always a great asset in my work on scores.


Sean Reed
Hamburg, Germany

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