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RE: correct barnumber after repeat volta

From: Anthony Youngman
Subject: RE: correct barnumber after repeat volta
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 11:12:37 +0100

Most music I've seen simply counts the number of physical bars on the
page, ignoring voltae (ie an 8-bar phrase with with two two-bar
alternatives is counted as 10 (6+2+2) bars long).

However, I have seen it counted as being 8 bars long (the second
alternate was ignored for bar-numbering purposes) and as 16 bars long
(ie elapsed bars were counted).

What's frightening is when several conventions are mixed in the same
piece! which is where I've mostly seen the unusual variants.


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Subject: Re: correct barnumber after repeat volta

I cannot recall having seen such bar numbering in any printed score
(except for some pieces where some instruments have different music
in the two repeats, so they have the repeat printed out, whereas the
of the instrumental parts were typeset with repeats).


luc wrote:
> I believe it is common practice to add the number of repeated measures
> determine the bar number after the repeat. Lilypond does not.
> What's the reason and is there a workaround for that?
> Thanks
> Luc
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