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Re: \markup

From: Ole Schmidt
Subject: Re: \markup
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2007 00:18:52 +0100

In the meantime I find a solution myself (see below) but your horizontal alignment fix of the \score element is surely better. I will implant it tomorrow.

thank you



\markup{ \column {\line { { Il flatterzunge legato per il clarinetto: }\left-align \vcenter {\score {\new Staff \with {
\remove "Time_signature_engraver"
\remove "Clef_engraver" \remove "Staff_symbol_engraver"
} {
} \layout { } } } \transparent {a }{ e un rapido ribattere della nota senza tremolo dentale. }}

{\musicglyph #"scripts.prallprall" }
\vcenter { "= vibrato ampio, possiblemente attenuto trillando con la nota inferiore di un quarto di tono."}}

{ \left-align
{ \vcenter {\semiflat "= quarto di tono calante" \transparent {a } \semisharp "= quarto di tono crescente"}



\version "2.10.15"


First step is to fix the horizontal alignment, using
indent = 0 and ragged-right = ##t (if you keep the Staff symbol
engraver, you will realize why).

For the vertical alignment, there's a markup command
\vcenter to set the alignment point on a specific markup
to be centered. There are no similar markup commands for
top and bottom aligned, but there you can use \general-align.
The following modified version of your example is hopefully
fairly close to what you want:
\markup { \general-align #Y #DOWN "per il clarinetto" \general- align #Y #DOWN \score {\new Staff \with {
\remove "Time_signature_engraver"
\remove "Clef_engraver" \remove "Staff_symbol_engraver"
} {
} \layout { ragged-right = ##t indent = 0} } }

Note that I changed the pitch of the note. Apparently, the
stave still allocates some space even though it's not printed.


\markup {{\musicglyph #"scripts.prallprall" }"= vibrato ampio"}

Here, you can use
\markup {{\musicglyph #"scripts.prallprall" } \vcenter "= vibrato ampio"}


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