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Re: Integrated solution for converting midi output to wav/mp3?

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Integrated solution for converting midi output to wav/mp3?
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 22:40:14 +0200

On 21 May 2007, at 13:34, Jonas Nyström wrote:

I've been trying the Goemon cfg ( timidity/) ...

Thank you, Jonas!

but with no success. (A blank wav-file is the closest I've been. Maybe the patch names are wrong, I don't know.)

Can someone give a clue how to get an installation running (I'm interrested in Windows and/or Linux/Ubuntu), with some GeneralMidi sound collection/.cfg?

I got it working on Mac OS X, which has a FreeBSD derived UNIX at the bottom (more details on the 'man' pages 'timidity' and 'timidity.cfg'). The only trick was to edit the configuration file, so that timidity finds it. I give an example of a complete UNIX console session:
  sudo -s
  cd /usr/local/src/
  mkdir goemon
  cd goemon
# Or use 'ftp' instead:
  tar -zxf goemon.tgz
# The following makes 'timidity' to use a copy of goemon.cfg as startup file:
  cp goemon.cfg /usr/local/share/timidity/timidity.cfg
  mv goemon /usr/local/lib/timidity/
# Now edit the startup file, so that the sound patches are found; use your favorite editor:
  emacs /usr/local/share/timidity/timidity.cfg &
# In timidity.cfg, add the following line at the top and save the file, which
# causes timidity to look for sound patches there:
  dir /usr/local/lib/timidity/goemon

When the file has been saved, exit the editor if you so like, and the 'sudo -s' root.

Then just type
  timidity <midifile>
and it played on my Mac. So the rest probably works. I tried it on the following file:
which is a fractal music example I got from Haskore <http://>.

  Hans Aberg

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