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Re: alto stems up, tenor stems down

From: Jay Ricketts
Subject: Re: alto stems up, tenor stems down
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 14:41:52 -0500

Hi Luc,
I don't understand why you can't just call the alto "tenor" and call the tenor "alto".  Then just assign tenor to the upper staff and alto to the lower.  Then you can just rename your sections and reassign them to the proper staff later if you need to change it.
Or are you trying to get some kind of smart stem directioning instead of just always up or always down?

On Dec 26, 2007 11:53 PM, Luc Saffre <address@hidden> wrote:

in a songbook for SATB choir, I'd like to save paper by turning the alto
stems up and the tenor stems down whenever this is possible. For many
songs, this would make the result more dense without being less readable.

If you look at the attached satb2.pdf:
- the first line is the default output with the alto stems down.
- the second line is how I would like the result to look.

But I had to cheat in order to get the second line. I had to move the
alto voice partly to the soprano (and tenor to bass). This is more
difficult to write and has other disadvantages (e.g. I won't get
separate midi channels for each voice).

Is there a way to keep each voice definition separated and to insert
commands like "please merge the stems of alto and soprano" and "please
stop merging"? Something like:

 \context Voice = "soprano" \relative g' {
    \key c \major
    \voiceOne g4 e e2 | f4 d d2 | }
 \context Voice = "alto" \relative c' {
    \voiceTwo \mergeStemsTo "soprano" e4 c c2 |
       \stopMerging b8( c) d( c) b2 | }

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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