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ask for help--I'm confused

From: hhpmusic
Subject: ask for help--I'm confused
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 10:19:21 +0800 (CST)

(note: lcd means the first letters of Chinese spelling of the piece)
Hi, I'm Hu Haipeng. I just transcribed my transcription of a Chinese folksong into Lilypond, but the result is bad. The first bar, I made 3 voices, the second is a cue of the special mordent (but I haven't learn how to write ornaments till now), the next bar has two and the third only one. It seems all are right, but the log file said it can't create new staff. The Midi output is correct, but when I OMR'd the music using SharpEye and brailled it using Finale's plug-in, the result is really wrong. Before I add a \clef treble to the first new staff, the left hand was above the right; but when added the clef indication, all two hands seemed conbine to one. I can't see my output, and don't know where the error is. I check my nested brackets, they seem all right (but not sure). Can you help me?

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