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getting line feeds and page feeds in \markup between scores

From: Jay Ricketts
Subject: getting line feeds and page feeds in \markup between scores
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 18:44:42 -0500


I'm using \Book to put a hymnal together, and have hit a total snag
trying to get some sort of intelligent pagination and line spacing to

I'm using \include to pull in stand-alone scores I've written, and
using \markup lines between the scores to show title, composer, and
copyright info.

It all works, sort of, but I can't figure out a way to force page
feeds.  LP doesn't like \pageBreak outside of a score context, It
ignores ASCII CR/LF characters, it rejects an empty score with
\pageBreak in it, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get
LP to accept \postscript arguments - the manual says a string goes
there, but LP specifically rejects strings, saying it wants an
SCM_TOKEN - can't find any documentation as to what format it's
looking for.  I tried prepending a backslash - at least it changed the
error message.

I couldn't get \line to do anything useful in \markup either, though I
figure I can force line feeds with an empty \markup line - haven't
tried yet.

Here's a quick sample of what the first 3 lines (expanded to 12 for
readability) of my ly file look like:

 \markup {  \halign #-1 \huge \bold \caps "1) A Voice Cries Out " }
 \markup {  \halign #-1 \normalsize M Joncas }
 \include ""
 \markup {  \teeny \halign #-1 "copyrighted composition, licensed OCP
single license" \postscript "(\f)"  }

 \markup {  \halign #-1 \huge \bold \caps "2) All Creation Worships You " }
 \markup {  \halign #-1 \normalsize Dearman / Mills }
 \include ""
 \markup {  \teeny \halign #-1 "copyrighted composition, licensed CCLI
#298282" }

 \markup {  \halign #-1 \huge \bold \caps "3) Alleluia He is Coming " }
 \markup {  \halign #-1 \normalsize M Butler }
 \include ""
 \markup {  \teeny \halign #-1 "copyrighted composition, licensed CCLI
#298282" \postscript "(\f)"  }

 Currently this is putting out the first score followed by a lot of
text related to the other scores.  I can get all the scores to come
out sequentially by dropping the \postscript pieces, but there's no
spacing between them.

I'm so close to being able to do this all with LP.  Plan B is I use
PDF Tools to put out a single PDF displaying the scores one to a page,
with the built in (somewhat non-standard) titling, attributions, and
copyright info.  I'd much prefer the all-LP approach - it would save a
few trees, and would look better.

BTW, I tried to use \halign #0 to center the titles, but it pushed
them off the page (left) instead.  Any suggestions as to how to
approach that?

Thanks in advance,


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