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a terrible question

From: hhpmusic
Subject: a terrible question
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 13:15:42 +0800 (CST)

  The question I'm asking is very advanced. Some of you probably know the Beijing opera or other kinds of folk dramatic music in CHina. If I use the elements of these kinds of music in an instrumental score such as violin or cello music (Tan Dun did it already, but surely by hand), there must be some graphical lines. The Scheme tutorial I found is a PS file, and after converted to text (only this way can I read it), the texts are messed up and unreadable, especially the blocks for syntax learning. So I don't know whether I can draw pictures using Scheme codes and how to do.
  Since I'm blind, I can't draw a JPG file to show what I want. Just give two examples to show two kinds of lines I want:
  Function 1: c1\growingTrill\fermata
  This trill is a line shows that the frequency must grow gradually, like this:
  c8^"Ad Libtum" d c d \times 2/3 { c8 d c } d16 c d c... and more fast since a fermata is here.
  Function 2: to define a trill spanner style, which is as a straight line at first, but after a while begins the normal till waves. OR, more advanced, the waves are note ascending, but a inverted one (thus, I don't want the trill be written on note b). Then:
  c2\startTrillSpan % straight line
  c2\stopTrillSpan % begin trill or inverted one as defined previously
 or directly using c1\straightTrill as difined to make such a kind of trill (the length of the straight line can be changed freely but not collides othe grobs) on a single note
  More things are slow glissando line or zigzag line to let the player play a zigzag wave while sliding up or down.
  My god! The question seems too hard to be answered! Can anyone help me?
  By the way, can anyone tell me where a text or html version of Scheme tutorial is. If you can't solve this, I can learn Scheme and solve it myself (unless Scheme can't draw figures).

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