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Lilypond and CPU cost, system resource exhaust... (was: Strange error ca

From: hhpmusic
Subject: Lilypond and CPU cost, system resource exhaust... (was: Strange error causes Lilypond refus...)
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2008 15:02:12 +0800 (CST)

  I restarted my comuter and then add a virtual RAM to a volume o my hard disk, settg the size varying from 1GB to 2GB. Then the score can be compile, but very slow, with some errors because of my music codes. But I'm wondering why Lilypond takes so many CPU usage and need such a large memory to work. What does the error message in the previous email mean?Could someone tell me how Lilypond works and why it takes off so many system resources? I ever removed my pagfile.sys to let my hard disk larger. Other programs can work fine, but LP can't :-)
  But whatever, I'll thank you all for working hard on this software. I'm deciding whether I must go to New England Comservatory in USA to study composition, because the deans of my school refused me from learning this when I entered it as their only blind in 1999. Lilypond is the only tool for me to write music. It really helped me a lot!


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