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Re: GDP: NR 1.3 Expressive marks, second draft

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: GDP: NR 1.3 Expressive marks, second draft
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 10:44:10 +0200
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Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to be very active in the review of the GDP drafts, but I happened
to look into "New dynamic marks" of 1.3.1 and have some comments:

- The markup command for \roundf is unnecessarily complicated and the result looks bad. The \center-align markup command is intended to produce a column of (internally) center aligned markups. If you only have a single line markup, then you should use \hcenter instead. Also, the spacing between the parenthesis and the f is probably unintended. Finally, there are some redundant braces (that you may want to keep for readability). I would propose to instead use
roundf = \markup { \hcenter \concat { \bold { \italic ( }
             \dynamic f \bold { \italic ) } } }
or (without the redundant braces)
roundf = \markup { \hcenter \concat { \bold \italic (
             \dynamic f \bold \italic ) } }

- The main reason to use make-dynamic-script instead of a pure \markup is not to get the horizontal alignment correct with respect to the note head, but to get correct vertical positioning when you have both an absolute dynamic and a hairpin starting/ending on the same note, for example. Compare the following two examples to see the difference:
roundf = \markup { \hcenter \concat { \normal-text \bold \italic (
             \dynamic f \normal-text \bold \italic ) } }
boxf = \markup { \bracket { \dynamic f } }
roundfdyn = #(make-dynamic-script roundf)
boxfdyn = #(make-dynamic-script boxf)
\relative c' {
 c4_\roundf \< d e f
 g,1_\boxf \!
 c4_\roundfdyn \< d e f
 g,1_\boxf \!

- As illustrated in the example above, it's not absolutely necessary to learn the Scheme syntax of the markup commands to use make-dynamic-script. A simpler solution is to first define a normal markup, and then use that as the argument to make-dynamic-script.


Patrick McCarty wrote:
I would like to announce the second draft of NR 1.3 Expressive marks.
Please proofread this section, and let me know if you find any
omissions or errors.  Suggestions for additional snippets to include
(or replace) are greatly appreciated as well.


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