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Re: png cropping

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: png cropping
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2008 23:54:45 -0500
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After much revision, addition, and general fussing about with it, I'm happy to post the official version of what we're calling "lily2image," a script for converting lilypond source files to cropped image files in many different formats suitable for insertion into documents (theses, research papers, etc) or web pages. This works equally on Mac and Linux, but not on Windows. Dependency: netpbm (available in Linux repos and MacPorts)

Many, many thanks to Patrick Horgan for all of his work on this. He added tons of code and gave me excellent guidance as I was learning how to script. This was a great learning experience.

Thanks also to Josh Parmenter, who jumped in somewhere along the way and made very helpful suggestions, and also tested every revision I sent him. Thanks for a fun project, guys! I hope others in the Lilypond community will find it a useful tool.


p.s. I've also attached my manpage for the script: lily2image.1. Just put it somewhere in your manpath and make sure it has read permissions for all users. I put it here on Linux:


It was slightly different on Mac but now I can't remember. If someone needs help I'll check on it.
Jonathan Kulp

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