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Re: WANTED: Design for documentation (Photoshop power users!)

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Subject: Re: WANTED: Design for documentation (Photoshop power users!)
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2008 22:18:05 +0200
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Am Samstag, 4. Oktober 2008 schrieb Robin Bannister:
> Reinhold Kainhofer wrote:
> > Am Montag, 22. September 2008 schrieb Robin Bannister:
> > > So I propose
> > >
> > > A
> > > Replace the (passive) text "Table of Contents" in the TOC panel,
> > > with the document title, e.g. "Learning Manual".
> > > This nearly always visible (on biggish screens).
> > > (And when offscreen, near the end of NR, it is not far away.)
> However, this entry currently includes the title prefix "GNU LilyPond - ",
> which I consider out of place here:
>  - it dilutes the contrast between the different document titles
>  - it increases the effort needed to check the title
>      (a glance is insufficient; you have to read and parse)
>  - in narrow windows the title is more likely to be split onto two lines
>  - it blurs the hierachical succession of section < document <
> documentation.
> Without the prefix the title is then just e.g. "Learning Manual", which
> corresponds to what you see in the documentation overview.

Yes, but that was the only string (the title of the @top node), that is 
accessible from texinfo... I don't want to hardcode the manual names (and 
their translations!!!) into the .init script, which is -- although tailored 
to our ideas for our documentation -- very general and can be used with any 
other texinfo file just as well and make that look like our documentation.

> > > B
> > > Make this document title [A] be like a breadcrumb at the document level
> > > i.e. it is a link to the start of the document.
> >
> > Also done.
> Maybe you consider this superfluous, but by "breadcrumb" I was also
> implying that it should be emphasised in the same way as the other
> breadcrumbs, i.e. you see *all* levels of the vertical path.
> This is because I regard B as just another entry in the TOC.
> The TOC does not need a title.
> And in the meantime the latest styling more or less hides this new feature
> ...

Okay, so basically, you want (just like anyone of use) a link to the back to 
the documentation index... I've already said that we just need a good idea 
where to put it. The design needs to be fit to that, of course, but I have 
trust in the designers that they'll manage this just as well ;-) 
So, I'm all up for good ideas how such a link should look and where exactly it 
should be placed.

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