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keep-inside-line ignores rehearsal marks, v2.11.60

From: Thies Albrecht
Subject: keep-inside-line ignores rehearsal marks, v2.11.60
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 18:22:55 +0200

Hi everybody!

When self-alignment-X is set to #-1 for a rehearsal mark its extent seems to be 
ignored by the keep-inside-line setting. Is this behaviour intendend? And if 
so, how do I keep marks inside the page column limits?


\relative c'' {
   \override Score.PaperColumn #'keep-inside-line = ##t
   \override Score.RehearsalMark #'self-alignment-X = #-1
   \repeat unfold 4 {c4 c c c}
   \mark \markup {"looooooooong Mark"}
   \repeat unfold 6 {c4 c c c}

Kind regards,
Thies Albrecht
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