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Re: Headword for unfretted-strings

From: Rutger Hofman
Subject: Re: Headword for unfretted-strings
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 13:37:32 +0200
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Ravel died in 1937. In almost all countries, copyright lasts 70 years past the death of the author (I think Canada still has the 50-year rule, as one of the very few exceptions; and exceptions never extend the period of protection). Since Jan 1, 2008, Ravel's works are free of copyright.

U.S. has had a regulation that was based on the date of publication (50 years after publication the work would enter p.d.). That regulation holds only for a limited time window of publication date. It still applies e.g. to some Stravinsky works that can be found at Kalmus etc (and some Ravel works until 2008-01-01), but not for vaguely recent work.


Jonathan Kulp wrote:
Oh man, I really don't know about the copyright. If it was published in 1905, then it's in p.d. in the U.S. If I'm not mistaken, the pdf I downloaded from the International Music Library Score Project was made from a Dover score, and I think those are always made from public domain stuff. If there's any hesitation to include it, then I could do a fragment of something older. Even if we can't use the Ravel, it was a fun diversion from the big orchestral score I've been trudging through and I learned a number of things I hadn't known how to do before :).

I don't really know how to deal with the staff spacing and was just going to look at the docs for guidance when I had some more time.

Glad you're pleased with it, Trevor. Could you email me the code with the time sig removed? I've never figured out how to do this except by making it transparent, which looks ugly b/c there's a blank space. I want to see how you did it.


Trevor Daniels wrote:

Jonathan Kulp wrote Tuesday, October 07, 2008 5:04 AM

Ok I've put together six bars of the Ravel quartet. File is attached so you can see it looks like it'll be appropriate. It would be nice to have a couple of fingerings and bowing indications, but this passage didn't have any. There are some pizz. and arco and up-bow on the next system but it would get long if I kept going. Should I go ahead and include the next few bars?

This still needs some tweaking to make it look like the original (tighten staff spacing, get rid of the time signature) but otherwise I like how it looks.

Wow! That was quick!  I make a request last thing
at night, go to bed, and there it is before breakfast!

It looks great!  Unfortunately it would get too long
if you added any more bars.  I've added the correct midi
instruments (strings sound poor, but a piano sounded
worse on this piece!)  I've also removed the time
signature as you suggested, but I've done nothing
about the staff spacing.  Any suggestions for this?

I'll add it to the docs so we can see how it looks.
I'm not sure about the copyright position though :(
Valentin's happy, but maybe others will not be.  We
already have Ravel's sonatine (1905) in Keyboards,
so maybe these few bars are OK too.

Many thanks again.


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