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Re: Piano staff, single staff polyphony and lyrics

From: Ari Torhamo
Subject: Re: Piano staff, single staff polyphony and lyrics
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 23:42:46 +0300

ti, 2008-10-07 kello 14:46 -0500, Jonathan Kulp kirjoitti:
> Hmm.  I thought the code I put there gave what you're describing.  See 
> image attached.  The slur is on the stem side, nowhere near the 
> notehead.  Is this not what you meant?  I'm using version 2.11.61 if 
> that makes a difference.
> Here's the code used for attached image, only slightly different from 
> before but with no visible difference in output on my end:
> \version "2.11.61"
> \relative c' { fis2^( ~ fis4 g c,) }

Now I found out what's happening. You method works otherwise, but for
some reason not when used for two adjacent notes. The first slur in my
score happens to be between two adjacent notes :-) Any workaround?

Kind thanks


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