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Re: WANTED: Design for documentation (Photoshop power users!)

From: Alexander Kobel
Subject: Re: WANTED: Design for documentation (Photoshop power users!)
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 01:21:39 +0200
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address@hidden wrote:
>>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick McCarty <address@hidden> writes:
>>> also offer a safe-and-sound version, and have this
>>> "ugly-but-efficient" narrow-TOC solution as a "large screen
>>> optimized version"?
> Patrick> Good idea.  I'll start experimenting with this.
> Please make sure it still works on narrow screens (like my PDA), and
> on text-only browsers.  

That's exactly what I meant. I reconsidered my wish for a narrower TOC,
and concluded it might be better to have this as an /alternative/, not
default, for large screens.

Text-only browsers won't be affected too much, I guess, although I'm not
perfectly sure about it - they might ignore the CSS anyway. Correct???

For a PDA, it may still be a little bit different - I suppose you don't
want to have a TOC pane to the left at all, but prefer a TOC at the bottom?

Okay, so two other ideas.

@ PDA-Users:
For a PDA, it might be useful to have the TOC full-width at the bottom,
and have a (small) link to scroll there every now and then. Or to not
show it at all.
What would you prefer? And: are your browsers able to handle alternative
style sheets, or do we have to look for other means (does
media="handheld" reliably work)?

@ our blind users:
I assume LilyPond is one the few engraving system regularly used by some
blind people, so we should not ignore this.
Do you have special suggestions and wishes? Would it be wise to sort the
content for screen readers in other order, for example?

Wo-hoo. This gets more interesting than I first thought...

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