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Re: house chord style - global?

From: plutek-infinity
Subject: Re: house chord style - global?
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 15:06:42 -0400

>From: "Carl D. Sorensen" <address@hidden>
>Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 15:43:13 -0600

>On 10/2/08 9:59 AM, "plutek-infinity" <address@hidden> wrote:
>> i also wish to have chord symbols only notated when they change. normally, to
>> implement that and the chord symbol modifications, i must put this in any
>> \chords blocks which occur in any ly files:
>> \set chordNameExceptions = #chExceptions
>> \set chordChanges = ##t
>> that all works fine, but i'm wondering if there is some way of setting
>> chordNameExceptions and chordChanges globally, in the file,
>> instead of having to \set it in every \chords block of every score.
>You can do this quite easily.
>You need to remember that \chords is a shortcut for
>\new ChordNames { \chordmode { }}
>All you need to do is redefine the defaults for the ChordNames context.
>The details for doing this are explained in the 2.11 documentation, section
>5.1.4 Changing context default settings
>Once you have this done, perhaps you could post the results to
>the LilyPond Snippet Repository.

thanks for your help, carl!

i've posted a snippet.


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