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Re: type1 lilypond fonts in windows

From: Aaron Dalton
Subject: Re: type1 lilypond fonts in windows
Date: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 14:20:24 -0600
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Aaron Dalton wrote:
fiëé visuëlle wrote:

Am 2008-10-08 um 07:43 schrieb Aaron Dalton:

I notice that the type1 fonts in the Lilypond distribution have the .PFB files but no .PFM files. Are those downloadable somewhere? Windows needs both to install them. I want to edit my pdf output in Illustrator but some elements are getting messed up due to font issues. I found an old 2005 post but the site does not have the current fonts.

Certain fonts are not available in OTF format. The feta fonts, for example, are only in SVG and type1 format. If there's a way to use the SVG fonts in Windows, I'd appreciate any tips. I can't seem to find anything.

To be clear, I'm looking at the 2.11.57 FreeBSD and the 2.11.61 Windows distributions.


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