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Re: \mark, chords and notes collide

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: \mark, chords and notes collide
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 17:19:15 +0200

2008/10/9 Sebastian Menge <address@hidden>:

> I dont like compiling/installing stuff myself. I just use the
> stable binary packages for my distro, in this case ubuntu.

Compiling and installing are two very different things. Especially
when your program comes with a well-written installer/uninstaller by
LilyPond evolves very fast (two or three development releases a
month), so we can hardly have package maintainers for every major

Besides, LilyPond used to require very specific implementations of
Guile, pango, etc., that couldn't be found in the repos, so the
developers decided to provide a ready-to-use bundle, containing all
dependencies and patches.

> I'd be happy to have up to date lilypond packages for ubuntu. Perhaps
> there are unofficial repositories, or would debian unstable work?

Don't know, wouldn't try. Anyway, even debian unstable doesn't have a
recent enough version.

> I lost so much lifetime fiddling around with missing dependencies that
> I finally rather let out some features but easily 'apt-get upgrade' once
> in a while.

I can definitely understand the fear of losing lifetime, but our point
is precisely to include *all* required dependencies in the installer
(except maybe freetype, that is on every distro anyway). So:
- it doesn't get broken by apt-get,
- it's installed cleanly in *one* single directory,
- it comes with an uninstaller,
- it can install itself either in /usr/local or in your home directory
(this way you're sure it doesn't mess with your other packages).

Like you, I *never* ever install anything without my package manager;
LilyPond is the only exception, because the latest features and
bugfixes are always just _way_ too cool :-)


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