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Re: Notating recitative

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Notating recitative
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 16:05:15 +0200
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Eyolf Østrem wrote:
On 10.10.2008 (16:32), Ari Torhamo wrote:
I don't know how to get the two vertical lines before and after the
note/chord that defines the pitches on the recitative section. Is there
some command/marking I can attach to a note in the chord so that all
lines would be automatically drawn from the lowest note to the highest.
Or do I need to draw four vertical lines (bar lines perhaps?) and define
their length and horizontal position on the staff?

If you have to get it EXACTLY as in the pictures, I guess some kind of
line-drawing/markup command is what you're facing (and I don't know how to
draw them). However, the customary thing in this kind of notation is to use
breve notes  (the modern kind, which has single vertical lines, close to
what you have in your example).
Exactly! Here's an example:
\version "2.10.0"
\relative c'  \new Voice {
<e g>4 <e g>\breve <e g>4 <f a>2 <e g>4 <e g>\breve <e g>4

\relative c'  \new Voice {
<f f'>4 <f f'>\breve

We don't have the note head version with double vertical lines, but you can use some tricks to obtain them. To get make the lines extend between the note heads, some more tricks are needed.


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