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Re: code suggestions

From: David Stocker
Subject: Re: code suggestions
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 10:21:36 -0400
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Thank you, James and Daniel, for your suggestions.

You only need to do that if you use <<{\voiceOne}\new Voice {\voiceTwo}>>\oneVoice, in which case, all of that is necessary for the same multi-voice construct.
This has dogged me for several weeks and I finally gave up. Now, seeing the overall structure without notes in it, I think I finally understand. This will be useful, since I will primarily be setting guitar music, where inner voices tend to appear and disappear in a seemingly random way.

Much as "one bar per line" is a useful rule, you might find it more
concise to abbreviate the first six bars to
      r8 c16 ... |
Timely advice. I'll probably make use of it today on a different project.

\paper {
  #(set-paper-size "concert")

By the way, I defined "concert" as 9x12 (inches) in paper.scm, which is a fairly common page size for music folios in North America (or at least it used to be). Should this be available in future versions by default? Here's the line I added under the "North American Sizes" comment in paper.scm:

("concert" . (cons (* 9.0 in) (* 12.0 in)))

Thanks again for the guidance.

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