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New doc website development

From: Till Rettig
Subject: New doc website development
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 22:43:51 +0300
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sporadically following the discussion about the ongoing work on the new documentation web site. It is improving every day and looks really really good. Great job!

I have a couple of things I thought you might (re)consider:

first the width of the text div: I know this has been discussed earlier, but I just want to vote also for a version that makes the lines being not longer than 80em. I also think the picture boxes which are empty for most of their space look a bit funny, I guess they would also shrink automatically with something like that. Don't know if there are examples extenting over this border, sure it depends on the current screen size. Maybe lilypond could be also told a "page"width number (if it doesn't yet)

The scrollbars: I think the scrollbar for the contents div should always be on, don't remember how to achive this, something like setting height to 101%? So there won't be the switch when some subsections get opened. On my 1024x768 there is also a scrollbar on the bottom but it is useless because it is always 100% long. Does this have to be there? On this small screen it eats up a relatively big space.

Otherwise I have been told you should make a site for a resolution of 800x600 still readable, I guess you would really need much scrolling with this kind of screen. (this is a bit ot for me since I don't have such a screen, though)

This observation I made on today.

Thanks for you big work so far!


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