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Re: Issues with Drum notation

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: Issues with Drum notation
Date: Sun, 12 Oct 2008 08:44:08 -0500
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Could you copy the code you're using as well as the version of Lilypond?


Julian Pietron wrote:

I'm currently trying to write a drum pattern which requires something I could not find in the Documentation or Tips and Tricks. Instead of only two notes at the same time, there have to be three (bd, sn, hh). I tried to extend the example using \voiceThree (for sn) after \voiceOne (hh) and \voiceTwo (bd), but this does not end in the result I want to have. While Hihats and Bassdrum are nicely set with stems up (hh) and stems down (bd), the snare does not share a stem with either the hihats or bassdrum, but the stem is set a bit right of the one of the hihats in upper direction. How can I make the snare share a stem with either bassdrum or hihat?

Thanks for any ideas,


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