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Re: Moving guitar fingering orientations

From: Jonathan Kulp
Subject: Re: Moving guitar fingering orientations
Date: Mon, 13 Oct 2008 11:19:36 -0500
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Aha! I've already sent a revised snippet to Valentin that shows how a single note needs <> for setting the fingering orientations, but as I was punching holes in my newly printed Learning Manual, I noticed an example that already shows this in section 4.4.2 (or on pp. 104-105 of the .pdf version). It has several instances of single notes with fingerings and in each case the note and fingering is enclosed in a chord construct. There's not an explicit @warning about enclosing single notes in <>, but at least you can see it in the example. Could we add a @warning about this above the example?


Valentin Villenave wrote:
2008/10/12 Jonathan Kulp <address@hidden>:
Ah.  I see it now.  Yes, this is easily fixed.  How can I alter this
snippet?  Valentin, this is your purview, right?  Is it o.k. if I just make
these small changes and email it to you?

Yes, please do!


Jonathan Kulp

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