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Re: square note heads for cluster

From: Mark Polesky
Subject: Re: square note heads for cluster
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 00:18:17 -0700 (PDT)


I recently started working on a keyboard-cluster function, but it's
a big project and I haven't gotten very far yet. I've attached a png
generated by the file included below to share some basic ideas about
my initial approach. Perhaps this will help you. I'm finding myself
able to make the clusters look however I want them to look, but I
want one all-encompassing function to apply arbitrary cluster-styles
on the fly. It's not necessarily difficult, but I want to support a
wide variety of cluster-styles, which will take me some time.

In the end, I'd have my function generate embedded-ps paths and fill
in the missing notes dynamically, but for the moment I'm applying my
cluster-styles manually (see below).

Regarding your question:
> there a good list of various 'ly:' info-grabbing functions...?

Try this:

Hope this helps.
- Mark


\version "2.11.61-1"

squareA =
#(ly:make-stencil (list 'embedded-ps
currentpoint translate
0 0.51 moveto
1 0.51 lineto
1 -0.51 lineto
0 -0.51 lineto
  (cons 0 1)
  (cons 0 0))

squareB =
#(ly:make-stencil (list 'embedded-ps
currentpoint translate
0.3 0.51 moveto
1.0125 0.51 lineto
1.0125 -0.51 lineto
0.3 -0.51 lineto
  (cons 0 1.3125)
  (cons 0 0))
\relative {
  \once \override Voice.NoteHead #'X-offset = #0
  \once \override Voice.NoteHead #'stencil = \squareA
  <c d e f g a b c>4
  \once \override Voice.NoteHead #'X-offset = #0
    \once \override NoteHead #'stem-attachment = #'(1 . 7)
    \tweak #'stencil \squareB d
    \tweak #'stencil \squareB e
    \tweak #'stencil \squareB f
    \tweak #'stencil \squareB g
    \tweak #'stencil \squareB a
    \tweak #'stencil \squareB b c>4


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