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Re: insertion of current date in text string

From: Tom Cloyd
Subject: Re: insertion of current date in text string
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 04:57:06 -0700
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Yes, this is the solution.

Put this right below the "\version "2.11.60"" in my file...

date = #(strftime "%Y.%m.%d" (localtime (current-time))) % define a variable to hold the formatted date


\header {
   subsubtitle = \markup { "score version of" \date }

This automatically datestamps my score each time I make a change and print a new version.

That was all I was after.

Thanks to the several folks who sent me the solution.


Paul Scott wrote:
Tom Cloyd wrote:
OK, I've exhausted myself trying to solve another problem

I understand that I can put a current date into a "\header{..." field
(or whatever they're called), by doing something like

date = #(strftime "%Y.%m.%d" (localtime (current-time)))

subsubtitle = \date

BUT, how do I do this:

subsubtitle = { "version " + \date}

I cannot find an example, and haven't been able to figure it out
Just add \markup.

subsubtitle = \markup{ version \date }

Paul Scott


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